My name is Jesse Wheeler and I currently live in Agassiz, British Columbia with my wife and kids.  Photography has been a passion of mine since I purchased an old Pentax ME from a pawn shop 15 years ago.  I've always enjoyed the 'magic' of being able to capture a scene, and then re-create the  emotion of that moment through my camera – as cliché or cheesy as that may sound.  


I love practicing all types of photography, but I really enjoy shooting people (ha!) the most, mainly for the variety and challenge.  Do people read these things to the end?  I'm curious - I genuinely appreciate you looking around my site, and I hope that you've seen photos that inspire you.  But I also feel that I could put anything in here, like I've been raised by wolves, (or that I'm just another schmuck with a big camera in a sea of schmucks with equally big cameras) and only a very small few would read it.  How's this: you mention my background as a feral wolf-child to me and I'll give you ten percent off any print package.  Now, back to my spiel.


I am obsessed with producing excellent photos on a reasonable budget, and I feel like I'm a pretty OK guy to work with, so hit me up and let's get your picture taken.

Thanks for visiting!  Use my contact page to get a hold of me or use the links to find me on various social networks.