Jeff & Kiana's Wedding

January 8, 2017


 The Friday afternoon before the wedding, my second-shooter and I were scoping the property around the Fraser River Lodge, just outside of Agassiz.  The wind was calm and the sky was starting to blow up with a dramatic sunset.  Shooting a winter wedding at a venue with limited indoor options, we were excited that we had potential for dramatic snow + sunset photos the next day...


...anddddd we were in for a harsh lesson on having a 'Plan B'.  The temperature was hovering around -5, the wind was tearing through the valley and the sky was overcast.  Warm inside the lodge, we started our day getting prep photos of the bridal party, while keeping our eye on the conditions outside.  By the time the ceremony was over, we were still facing a less-than-ideal situation: how to get photos of our bridal party + family without losing anyone to frostbite in the process.


A quick foray into the cold proved to be unsuccessful.  Giant fur coats were not part of the bridesmaid's costume, and the little flower girls were starting to turn blue.  We headed back inside and took over the hall while the lodge staff setup the reception tables around us.  Once the formal family shots were complete, we were left with a great looking bridal party but nowhere to go.  Thankfully, our bride and groom were great; we spent the few short hours exploring around the lodge, finding neat little nooks and crannies out of the wind to take a few photos.  Once the venue staff had finished setting up, we went back indoors to take over the space.  The lead photo above was taken with my loyal second shooter & friend Heath camped outdoors in the wind, wrestling a lightstand long enough to allow me to get some typical back-lit bride & groom shots.


Looking back, we got some great photos and everyone had a great time.  However, I definitely added some experience points in my "Think On Your Feet" skill tree.


All photos were taken with my Pentax K-3II and K-5 bodies.  Lenses were the DA* 50-135mm f2.8, DA* 16-50mm f2.8, and FA 50mm f1.4.  




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